COVID 19 & Filmmaking

Filmmaking is a group activity, but there is a lot that can be accomplished in a room alone … especially if you have a plan!

1. You can film one man shows, save yourself some time and set up multiple cameras if you have them.

2. Coordinate with other filmmakers via video conferencing or messaging. By the magic of editing a lot can be accomplished. Each of you film something specific. For example: hand them a pan … they receive the pan (if you both have the exact same pan it’s even better) and just use the camera to pull off the illusion. Get someone you are staying in place with to hand it to you and it’s even more convincing.

3. Record on video conferencing. Show up in character and ready to roll. Have the editor recording … you can even frame it to be able to walk away. Plus “offline” shots can be filmed individually and sent to the editor.

4. Vlog. Simple, straightforward. You can edit in cutaways if you choose.

This time of social distancing does not mean we stop creating, we just have to be more creative about it. Don’t get down, get creative!

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