Set Safety

Here at Sea Maiden Entertainment we believe the safety and health of those we work with should be a priority.

There have been unnecessary injuries and deaths on movie sets throughout history. We strive to always keep in mind how these things occur and take steps to prevent it.

Some easy things that can be done are:

1. Schedule so everyone gets enough sleep between shooting times and therefore they do not fall asleep on the way home.

2. Always have the proper security measures in place for stunts and fights.

3. Do not allow drugs and alcohol on set nor allow anyone coming to set under the influence of either to work.

There are groups online dedicated to the safety of film crews and if you are interested in learning more I highly recommend popping over to to learn more. (This is not a paid endorsement, it is simply something I believe in.)

Everyone should be able to go to work, do their best work, go safely home, and function the next day.

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